Driver and Passenger Monitoring System

The driver monitoring system has been developed as a necessary technology to monitor the driver's condition when in automated driving mode. This technology goes far beyond the remit of automated driving. With the Guardian function assisting the driver while enjoying the freedom of driving independently, and a host of services tailored towards passenger comfort, the driver monitoring system takes the driving experience to an entirely new level.

The services include:

1) Assisted driving and passenger safety

2) Comfort tailored to individual passenger seating posture

3) Personalization Service

4) Advanced Human Machine Interface

5) MaaS for passengers, cabin condition management

TRI-AD's Driver and Passenger Monitoring System continues to evolve bringing comfortable mobility tailored to individual preferences and characteristics, and seamless services that include before and after travel.

How it works. To achieve Toyota's Highway Teammate Concept, “building relationships between people and cars that share the same purpose, like close friends who watch over each other, and when in need, help each other out,” the Driver and Passenger Monitoring System plays an essential role.

Through face and posture recognition, TRI-AD's Driver and Passenger Monitoring AI can not only monitor the driver’s eyes and signs of sleepiness, but can also read emotions and intentions, and support safe and secure driving. Driver and Passenger Monitoring AI is not only aware of the driver but also the passengers, and the conditions inside the car all at the same time, realizing a new UX for the MaaS era.

The evolution of Driver and Passenger Monitoring AI requires a wide variety of data, and in addition to technological development that efficiently collects and analyzes a large amount of data, fundamental human subject research is also important, such as differences in self-expression, taking into consideration the diversity of culture, as well as clothing and light environments.

By better understanding human characteristics, TRI-AD believes that you will be able to customize your very own dream car and driving experience.

Driver Monitoring