Our team

Hiroshi Mushigami


Hiroshi Mushigami is the Chief Operating Officer and one of the founding members of TRI-AD.

Mushigami started his career in the automotive industry in 1994 and joined Toyota as an experienced engineer in 2001. His specialty are Power-train, Vehicle Dynamics Control and E/E platform design. From 2008 to 2011, he worked for Toyota Motor Europe in Belgium. The latest role in Toyota was the Project General Manager for Strategic Planning and Electronics Control, which leads to his current role as the COO of TRI-AD.

He believes in "Public Interest Capitalism" and is committed to solve social issues such as helping mobility-limited areas, aging rural communities, and depopulated regions by utilizing automated drive technologies.

He enjoys a variety of outdoor activities for fun, such as motor sports, cycling, skiing, golf and tennis.

Mushigami graduated from Osaka Prefecture University and majored in Aerospace Engineering.


Fun fact: His beloved car is a LEXUS IS-F, and he likes to have fun at the Fuji Speed Way.