A new kind of workplace for a new kind of car


At TRI-AD we are building a unique work environment and culture, blending the best of innovative Silicon Valley start-ups with the quality-driven values of trusted Japanese companies. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, bonuses, and promotion paths and strive for a healthy work-life balance, with casual wear and flex hours.

Located in Japan, in the Tokyo neighborhood of Nihonbashi (日本橋, "Japan Bridge"), TRI-AD takes it’s position as a bridge between ideas and cultures seriously and we offer, immersive on job Japanese or English language learning opportunities for all of our team-members. At TRI-AD our work is done in English.

We value new ideas and creative, collaborative thinking. Our success starts with the individual skills and talents of our people.

If you are passionate about:

  • pioneering new paths in your industry

  • the elegant expression of craftsmanship and skill

  • the human experience

  • working within innovative, collaborative teams

… we’d love to hear from you!



building the bridge between hardware and humanity

Evolve the car into an intelligent and adaptive driving platform. Leverage the Toyota Design System to architect a relationship of trust with every unique human driver on the planet. TRI-AD is looking for self-driven, innovative problem solvers to help us create the future of autonomous driving technology. Engineering is at the core of TRI-AD’s mission, and our engineering teams are the power source for our success. As a member of our highly collaborative team, you will bring your unique value and excellent technical skill to work in a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary environment to solve hard-problems on a global scale.

TRI-AD Engineers are:

  • Independent, also a great team worker, and creative problem-solvers that thrive in collaborative environments

  • Technical Masters

  • Motivated by new challenges

  • Open-minded and always learning

TRI-AD Engineering is a new kind of team for the future of cars.


People (Human Resources)

keeping the human element in the driver’s seat

Develop and support a new kind of workforce for a new kind of Japanese company. Work with passionate innovators from Silicon Valley, Japan, and around the world. Bridge cultures, support leadership, and exemplify our values of collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect.

TRI-AD is looking for people who can meet the challenge of:

  • A fast-paced and novel work environment

  • Working collaboratively to shape organizational culture

  • Creating strong partnerships with cross-cultural leadership

TRI-AD is a new kind of business for the future of work.


User Experience

unified and personalized design for the future

Design the car UI/UX of the future, starting with the largest automotive fleet on Earth: Toyota. Create customizable and personalizable interfaces to connect drivers to a wide range of increasingly intelligent Toyota vehicles. Work with creative visionaries from around the world to pioneer the future of human - vehicle interaction.

TRI-AD is looking for creative, independent thinkers with a passion for elegant design and product excellence. Designers will enjoy unrivaled access to simulators for data-driven usability tests. They will be tasked with developing a unified Toyota Design System (TDS) which will guide the design of UI/UX for all future Toyota vehicles.

TRI-AD Designers are:

  • experts in research and product design in both 2D and 3D

  • unconventional characters from a wide variety of industries

  • selfless, interactive, and energized team members

  • creators of products that translate to cultures across the globe

TRI-AD is making tomorrow’s cars feel like an extension of the self.