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Toyota Research Institute - Advanced Development, Inc. is recruiting automated driving software engineers in Tokyo

 - TRI-AD will open a spacious, state-of-the-art facility optimized for the development of production-quality software in a brand-new Nihonbashi office building in the heart of Tokyo.

 - We are seeking passionate, talented candidates wishing to grow their career in a Silicon Valley-style workplace with English as the official language.

 - The mission of TRI-AD is to build a robust pipeline between research and production in order to accelerate the development and deployment of automated vehicle technology.

There is a new global software company in Tokyo, aimed at developing the best software in the world for advanced safety and autonomy. Launched in March 2018, Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development,Inc. (TRI-AD) is a partnership between Toyota, Aisin, Denso and the US-based Toyota Research Institute (TRI). The company's mission is to leverage the cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence for automated driving created by TRI into real products that can have a substantial positive impact on mobility for the world. And TRI-AD is recruiting.

Vision: become a global leader for software development

"Cars of the future will become more software than hardware," says Dr. James Kuffner, TRI-AD's new CEO. "Any car company that does not successfully evolve into a skilled software company will likely disappear. With automated driving software, we are talking about millions and millions of lines of code that requires an incredibly high level of robustness and reliability. The goal of TRI-AD is to create the best process in the world for writing software: nothing less than the equivalent of the Toyota Production System for software will suffice." Dr. Kuffner was a founding member of the automated driving program at Google and was previously Chief Technology Officer at TRI.

Dr. Gill Pratt, TRI CEO and Fellow for Advanced Research and Development at Toyota Motor Corporation, will serve as Chairperson of TRI-AD. Dr. Pratt is recognized as an eminent researcher in the fields of robotics and AI with experience in leading the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Robotics Challenge in the United States.

Automated driving software development, from research to consumer products

TRI-AD will define and optimize the software development process from research to product. Specific development areas include:

 • Automated driving technology for Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS).
 • Automated map generation technology for automated driving.
 • Modern cloud-based tools and infrastructure for training data and machine learning.

In these areas, TRI-AD will engage in a wide range of development work, including:

 • Strategy planning for automated driving.
 • Safety-critical system design.
 • Robust software development.
 • Scalable cloud-based tools and infrastructure.
 • Real vehicle testing on closed courses and public roads.
 • Simulation tools for validation and verification.


Wanted: software engineers who want to work at the crossroads between Silicon Valley's venture spirit and Japan's craftsmanship and teamwork culture

TRI-AD is recruiting engineers globally starting now, aiming to grow its team to 1,000+ employees, in partnership with seconded staff from Toyota, Denso, and Aisin. TRI-AD officially launched its recruitment website in June.

The company is seeking passionate and talented engineers wishing to accelerate the development of world-class automated driving technology. Engineers will utilize agile development techniques for rapid development. Specifically, those with experience in the following fields are invited to apply:

 • Computer science,
 • Computer vision and 3D perception,
 • Artificial intelligence and machine learning,
 • Automated driving systems architecture,
 • Advanced safety systems and software,
 • Business development.

TRI-AD's working culture will be unique and promote innovation. Its Silicon-Valley work style will maximize individual capability and performance and blend with Japan's tradition of nurturing talent via teamwork. "TRI-AD seeks to gather the world's best software engineers into an innovative, productive, and collaborative work environment," says Kuffner. "Our engineers will have all of the resources they need and a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to creating game-changing technology and real-world products."

Dr. Pratt adds: "This is a company that's going to take the research results from TRI and develop them into meaningful products that Toyota will sell. It's going to have an incredible impact on the world by making those results relevant to society. James is the perfect person, at the perfect time, to lead TRI-AD as its CEO. In many ways, he has been working towards this opportunity his entire life. He has an incredible wealth of knowledge on how to write production-ready software and an insatiable enthusiasm to advance the state of the art...and to motivate others to do the same. James has lived, worked and studied in Japan, extensively, and speaks the language fluently. He understands and respects the Japanese culture, especially its renowned attention to detail, love of craftsmanship and commitment to improving the human condition. It has been my privilege to work with James on many projects, dating back to my days as head of the DARPA Robotics Challenge. James was my Chief Technology Officer at TRI and I will miss him greatly, happy in the knowledge that we remain strongly connected in pursuit of our common goal."

New office in Nihonbashi, in the center of Tokyo

TRI-AD's new facility will be located in Nihonbashi, within a brand-new complex currently under construction in the Nihonbashi Muromachi 3rd District Project - conveniently located in the heart of the exciting Japanese capital. Completion of the building is expected in March 2019 and TRI-AD is scheduled to move into the new office in July 2019. In the meantime, the company will occupy a temporary office in Nihonbashi, directly across the street from the new construction.

The area will be attractive to engineers, offering convenient access and one of the largest floor plans in Tokyo. Nihonbashi is where culture meets innovation, capitalizing on traditional Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

"TRI-AD will function as a bridge between TRI and TMC, connecting research, development and mass production in a smooth, accelerated pipeline," says Kuffner. "Thus, it is fitting that our new company will be located in Nihonbashi, an historic bridge over the Nihonbashi River, providing safe and reliable transportation for millions of people every day for centuries. I am excited and humbled to be given the opportunity to create a new company aimed at developing the world's best automotive safety and automated driving technology. Our mission is to build the safest and smartest cars on the planet. I believe our effort and hard work will translate directly into saving more lives sooner, while providing mobility for all. If you are excited about our mission, we would like to hear from you. Let's work as one team to make our shared dreams a reality."

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