Chauffeur is TRI-AD’s fully-automated driving system. It combines Toyota’s renowned reliability and craftsmanship with the exciting possibilities of automated driving. It is a bridge from the here-and-now to the ultimate future: the completely autonomous, perfectly safe vehicle.

When Chauffeur takes complete responsibility for all driving tasks, you can relax. Use this newfound time as you like. Work on the go, chat with loved ones, play your favorite game. All in complete safety. At the end of the journey, you will arrive refreshed and ready to go.

How it works.

Chauffeur will be designed with state-of-the-art reliable software engineering practices. It will be trained with advanced machine learning algorithms, on data collected over millions of miles of roads across the entire world. The result: an automated driving system with the unerring precision of an airliner autopilot, equipped with the combined experience and wisdom gained from every mile driven by the entire fleet of Toyota vehicles. Rest easy, this ultimate driver will know exactly how to handle every conceivable situation on the road ahead.