Toyota has been researching and developing automated driving technologies since the 1980s. Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development, Inc. was formed to ensure that the automated revolution is put into the service of people. Here’s how we will get there.


Toyota Guardian™

Safety and Freedom on the Roadways

The next level in safe, reliable driving, Guardian observes both road and driver conditions throughout a journey. With subtle nuance Guardian augments a driver’s situational awareness and sharpens their driving skills by monitoring driver drowsiness levels and illuminating obstacles. Guardian is always at the ready with real-time trajectory generation and control to provide enhanced safety for people.



Complete Automation

Chauffeur is our fully-automated driving system. It combines Toyota’s renowned reliability and craftsmanship with cutting-edge advancements in machine learning and AI. Our goal is to create a system with the unerring precision of an airliner autopilot, equipped with the combined intelligence from every mile driven by Toyota’s expansive fleet of vehicles. When Chauffeur takes responsibility for the driving tasks you know you are worry free to relax, catch up with loved ones or dive into your favorite entertainment.


Our Innovation

Learn about a few of the TRI-AD initiatives that are powering our areas of development. 



Human-AI Driving Partnership

Teammate supports safe and comfortable human driving on our roadways with automated driving technology. Our engineers are developing advanced features including merging onto highways, maintaining safe inter-vehicle distances, changing lanes, and overtaking behaviors— all built around the relationship between people and their cars, close partners who watch out for each other, always ready to assist. 


Toyota Design System

The Future Vehicle UX

The automated driving revolution demands a dramatic rethinking of the user experience, one that can dynamically adapt for every manner of partially- and fully-automated vehicle of the future. The Toyota Design System (TDS) is a global approach to creating a complete range of user experiences unified within a common design language.



HD Mapping that Empowers

Vehicle automation requires highly accurate, up-to-date maps to ensure safe vehicle operation on highways and surface roads. We are working to improve traditional mapping systems for next generation automated driving systems. In parallel we are developing the Automated Mapping Platform (AMP), an open software platform based on a contribution model: deployed applications contribute anonymized sensor data to the platform. In return, developers have easy, open and sustainable access to HD maps from across industries and fleets. We believe this technology will have significant positive impact across society.


Driver and Passenger Monitoring System

Intelligent Next Gen Comfort & Safety

The Driver and Passenger Monitoring System plays an essential role towards our vision of driver-vehicle partnership. Our goal is a safe and comfortable mobility experience tailored to individuals’ preferences and characteristics. To achieve this we incorporate a wide variety of aspects that makeup the mobility experience from safety and comfort to self expression for drivers and passengers including seamless service before, during, and after travel.