With Highway Teammate (HT), Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development, Inc. (TRI-AD) will deploy automated driving technology to improve safety in the here and now. HT enables complete automated driving on highways, from on-ramp to off-ramp. This includes merging onto highways, maintaining safe inter-vehicle distances, changing lanes, and taking exits. TRI-AD will launch products based on Highway Teammate in 2020.

How it works.

The design of HT follows the automated driving philosophy of TRI-AD. At the core is the relationship between people and cars: close trustworthy friends who watch out for each other, always ready to help out.

In typical operation, the driver engages automated driving mode after entering a highway on-ramp. HT is prepared, having already pinpointed its position using highly accurate road map data. It automatically selects appropriate routes and lanes, and safely operates steering, acceleration, and braking. Meanwhile, the vehicle sensor array supplies a continuous stream of data inputs, enabling HT to recognize nearby vehicles and hazards, and safely adapt to their presence. At the appropriate time, a smooth handoff process ensures the driver is fully focused and ready to continue the journey.