TDS: Toyota Design System

The automated driving revolution demands a dramatic rethink of the user experience. A few buttons and a screen will not suffice in the age of automated driving. They must give way to a wide range of powerful new interfaces and experiences, adapted to the user for every manner of partially- and fully-automated vehicle of the future.

The Toyota Design System (TDS) is a global unified approach to creating a complete range of user experiences with a common design language. Imagine the possibilities. A racing interface in a Guardian-equipped rally car delivers road, race, and car data rapidly and succinctly, with minimal distractions. In a mobile office driven by Chauffeur, a personalized interface enables a seamless workflow, maximizing productivity and efficiency. A long-distance Chauffeur-equipped taxi offers a thrilling entertainment system equipped with wraparound screens and the latest games — or a quiet, calming ride with all of your favorite personalized settings. All delivered with a common design language you know and love.

How it works. A TDS driving interface will augment the user’s car interior with both physical and UI-based modalities. Our intuitive, signature style will ensure you can quickly find your way around any Toyota. The interface will vary naturally according to the car model and function: functional and utilitarian in a pickup truck, ergonomic and elegant in a luxury sedan. At the same time, all aspects of the experience will be personalized to you, the user. A smartphone app maintains all your preferences, and ensures instant customization the moment you enter any Toyota vehicle.