Toyota Guardian

The next level in safety


TRI-AD’s Toyota Guardian™ technology will be the next level of safe, reliable driving. Invisibly and unobtrusively, Toyota Guardian will observe the road conditions and your reactions, throughout the entire journey. Its goal: to keep you safe, and to unify car with driver.

Toyota Guardian will act with subtle nuance, improving your situational awareness and sharpening your driving skills. With every trip, the connection between you and your car becomes stronger. Meanwhile, you can be confident that you and your loved ones will get home safely.

How it works. The Toyota Guardian algorithm will leverage the power of Toyota’s worldwide sensor data network. It is planned to be trained and updated on an endless stream of simulated and real-world driving scenarios. Armed with this active, living memory and the advanced sensor array of your Toyota vehicle, Toyota Guardian rapidly recognizes scenarios and matches them to a set of optimal driving parameters. It also continuously prepares for the unexpected by maintaining “exit strategies” and monitoring driver drowsiness. Throughout the drive, Toyota Guardian’s intuitive interface keeps you informed and focused, improving skill and awareness.

Toyota Guardian will also extend the driver’s vision by illuminating obstacles in their path. In the image on the right, the motion of one pedestrian makes it likely they will cross into the path of the vehicle. Toyota Guardian both alerts the driver through clear visual and audio cues, and also calculates the safest path to avoid an accident. Expanding awareness is one way Toyota Guardian creates a partnership with the driver.