Our Mission :

“Become a world-class software and technology company and build the safest car in the world.”


TRI-AD is poised to deliver the future of reliably engineered, fully automated vehicles - beautifully designed from the inside-out.

We are a young company, expanding quickly, and rapidly innovating. This is a place where engineers and designers can manifest dreams into globe-spanning realities.


“Our goal is to make

the world’s safest car.

Beautifully designed.

Masterfully engineered.”

Dr. James Kuffner, CEO


“We have a responsibility to safety, security, and comfort, not just autonomy.”

Hiroshi Mushigami, COO


“We want to build a car that teaches you… to find the joy in driving.”

Daisuke Toyoda


“The user experience should be like a symphony, an extension of the self.”

Thor Lewis
VP, User Experience


“The future of cars is software. Here, agile development meets legendary Japanese craftsmanship.”

Nikos Michalakis
VP, Software Platform


If all this sounds exciting and you want to join our growing team here in Tokyo, check out our current job opportunities.