New office just opened July 2019 !

Highlight video of the first day at the newly opened TRI-AD office

TRI-AD Family Day held for staff family members to visit the office

On July 1st, 2019, TRI-AD opened its Head Office in the newly constructed Nihonbashi Muromachi Mitsui Tower, which was completed in March 2019. The new TRI-AD office is located on the 16th through the 20th floors with a total floor area of 21,500㎡.   

The new office space was built with an innovative design and layout optimized for engineering teams embracing the “scrum” agile development style. In addition, there is a unique "street" feature that connects each team area facilitating cross-functional collaboration and efficient interactions between teams and individuals. Around the corner junctions of the scrum workspaces, there are special "stage" spaces customized by employee volunteers and adapted to best suit team needs and provide a joyful work environment.  

In July, the main work spaces will be operational. The remaining facilities, including the new main entrance, cafeteria, assembly hall, and employee refresh and relaxation spaces will be fully operational in December 2019. 

See the press release for details.

*photos by Satoshi Nagare

Hello New Office Workshop

All TRI-AD employees were invited to participate in the design of the new office through “Hello New Office Workshops” held over the past year. The workshop volunteers were involved in novel design considerations from an early stage, and are contributing to many exciting novel office concepts to support a creative and happy work environment.